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Our Response to X-Ray Study

In response to the recent ADA article regarding a Yale Study on radiographs, the doctors at Rockside Family Dental Care would like to discuss our thoughts.

As people of science, we respect the scientific method and constant quest for knowledge and improvement. In this particular study, approximately 1300 people ranging in age from young adults to 70+ year olds, were asked to recall their dental X-ray history from memory! Really? How many of us could accurately do that? We do not question the intent of this study, just the research and accuracy of these results, especially as the basis for a published study.

For our purposes, we feel the question for the majority of our patients is one of frequency and cost. Regarding frequency, the ADA standard and our office standard, has been bitewings (you know from the article, “the ones with the sharp corners”) generally 1 time per year, but may be less for those with lower caries risk, and panorex (full head) 1 time every 3 years. Some insurance companies have recommended a panorex only every 5 years. We feel a lot can change in 5 years. There is no question that we make a profit on films taken and that this cost is passed down to you, especially if insurance companies change their benefits schedule. There is also no question that there are risks associated with radiographs. Please remember our goal is to deliver the finest quality dentistry we can to you and this requires using X-rays to help with diagnoses and treatment planning. Ultimately, you can help with these decisions. For those of you who are regularly seen for check ups and rarely have caries (cavities) diagnosed, we could consider bitewings every 18-24 months. We still believe a panorex every 3 years is a better schedule than one every 5 years. Remember these recommendations would change in emergency situations! Any of our doctors or hygienists would be happy to discuss these protocols with you at your next appointment or over the phone. And remember, at this time of year, use plenty of sunscreen and “turn so you won’t burn” to protect yourself from the big X-ray in the sky!

Additional Articles:

  • Rockside Family Dental Care in 2012

    As we settle into 2012, our commitment and promise to you has not changed and will not ever change…our goal is to provide the best dentistry that you choose.

    Along with the addition of Dr. Jeran to our staff, the new year has brought new products, techniques and philosophies to “Rockside” as we strive to serve you better.  We have added a portable laser system to the office which will enhance our ability to deliver high quality cosmetic results in anterior (front) tooth cases, post-orthodontic refinements (tissue adjustments) and gingival re-contouring possibilities for esthetics, and even treating cold sores and minor oral lesions.  The laser is efficient and kind to tissues, and causes only minor, if any, post-operative discomfort.

    Invisalign has introduced a new generation of attachments that will continue to improve results by enhancing specific movements for individual teeth which were difficult for the product until now.  This will enable certain cases that were challenging to treat with Invisalign to be considered.  As a preferred provider office for Invisalign, we look forward to exploring this option with our orthodontic patients.  Along with recently introduced Snap-On-Smile, these new treatment modalities excite us, and hopefully you too.

    With the cooperation of one of the best, (if not  the best), hygiene departments in the area, we have made a philosophical change in protocol with you, the patient, in mind.  We will now schedule new patients and patients who have not been seen in over 2 years directly into the hygiene schedule.  This is a departure from our original philosophy of first scheduling you with one of the doctors for a comprehensive exam and then into hygiene for your cleaning appointment.  We still think this idea has merit, but recognize the demands on your personal time and hope this change helps to accommodate your scheduling needs better.  We will continue to diagnose and educate you on treatment options during your visit, especially if your treatment needs are more than routine.  Each patient will continue to see the doctor either during or after the hygiene visit.  We hope all of these changes continue to demonstrate our commitment to you and your dental health.  We also hope they will strengthen your satisfaction with us as your dental team in 2012 and beyond.

    As you can see, we continue to work “on our practice” as well as “in the practice” just as our mission statement declares.

    We thank you for your continued support and will strive to keep Rockside Family Dental Care your home for all  your dental needs.

  • Have You Heard About “Snap-On-Smile”?

    Rockside Family Dental Care is now a featured Snap-On-Smile practice, selected by the Den Mat Corporation to be part of a nationwide educational and promotional campaign for this new esthetic treatment option.

    What is Snap-On-Smile you ask? Snap-On-Smile offers patients another option to con­sider to replace a single miss­ing tooth or multiple missing teeth. It can replace uncomfort­able partial dentures with their metal frameworks and clasps,”flippers” with bulky palatal cover­age during implant procedures, and even provide temporary pro­visional smiles while more com­prehensive dentistry is being planned or performed.

    These restorations are esthetic, strong, and in most cases can be made with little or no preparation to existing teeth, no injections (for anesthetic) and worn with no ad-hesives. Imagine a restoration that is pretty and simply snaps into place over your existing teeth!

    A single visit for impressions is all that is needed for the laboratory to fabricate your new smile.

    Ask Drs. Brosky, Carmichael or Russ what Snap-On-Smile can do for you or go online to

    Your new smile could be a SNAP! Call us for a free consultation appointment.

    Snap-On-Smile is a registered trademark of Den Mat Corporation.

  • Smile Brightening/Tooth Whitening

    One of the first things you notice about a person is their smile! Not only does a white, bright smile make a memorable impression, but it can help you feel better about yourself. The aging process and your lifestyle can stain and darken your teeth.  Many things we do on a regular basis can contribute to stained teeth, such as drinking cola, tea, and coffee or smoking. One of the most successful, easiest ways to counteract the darkening of teeth and to achieve a healthier appearing, brighter, more confident smile is with tooth whitening! Tooth whitening is a gentle, non-invasive process that involves removing impurities from inside tooth structure, as well as surface stain from the teeth. Whitening can be accomplished at any time, though it is most effective within 6 months of a dental cleaning. Different methods to whiten include in-office and at-home procedures. In-office whitening is performed using ZOOM and is able to whiten up to multiple shades in only one office visit! At-home whitening includes custom made whitening trays that patients wear outside of the office, and can whiten up to multiple shades within weeks. Most patients are candidates for whitening, however, the dentist will help determine if whitening is right for you. Call and schedule an appointment with us today to find out how much brighter your smile can be!

  • Treating Snoring and Sleep Apnea with Dental Appliances

    There is a growing number of people who are suffering from poor quality of sleep.

    People who snore and those that have mild to moderate sleep apnea have been finding relief in Oral Appliance Therapy treatment.

    The popularity of this type of treatment is growing largely due to the ease of use.

    Oral appliances are small plastic devices similar to a sports mouth guard.  The appliances are prescribed by a qualified dentist.  The device works while you sleep, helping to reduce pauses in breathing and snoring.

    It has been a valuable option, especially to those patients who refuse or cannot comply with their prescribed CPAP therapy.

    Health Risk Sleep Evaluation

      • Do you snore?
      • Is your snoring loud?
      • Does Snoring affect your relationship?
      • Do you stop breathing or “choke” while you sleep?
      • Does your snoring cause you or your partner to be irritable and/or tired?
      • Does your snoring require you to sleep in a separate room?

      • Does your snoring affect other people when you are sleeping away from home, (i.e. hotel, camping, etc)?
      • Do you have high blood pressure?
      • Are you tired, fatigued, or sleepy during the day?
      • Have you had an overnight sleep study?

    If you answered yes to two or more of the above questions you may be at risk of a health condition called obstructive sleep apnea and may want to speak with one of our qualified dentists on staff regarding testing and treatment.

  • 10 Reasons to Floss

    Do something positive for yourself!  Floss!!

    In less than one minute per day you can accomplish the following health benefits:

    10 Reasons to Floss!!

    1. Prevent Decay
    2. Prevent gum disease
    3. Fresher breath
    4. Whiter smile (less stain)
    5. Younger smile (less gum recession)
    6. Less dental expense
    7. Less dental pain
    8. Less time away from work or family life
    9. Healthier Heart (bacteria from gum disease has been linked to certain types of heart disease).
    10. Maintains health/condition of dental restorations

    Having a healthy mouth allows you the opportunity to maintain a nutritious diet thereby increasing your chance for vitality and longevity!