One of the first things you notice about a person is their smile! Not only does a white, bright smile make a memorable impression, but it can help you feel better about yourself. The aging process and your lifestyle can stain and darken your teeth.  Many things we do on a regular basis can contribute to stained teeth, such as drinking cola, tea, and coffee or smoking. One of the most successful, easiest ways to counteract the darkening of teeth and to achieve a healthier appearing, brighter, more confident smile is with tooth whitening! Tooth whitening is a gentle, non-invasive process that involves removing impurities from inside tooth structure, as well as surface stain from the teeth. Whitening can be accomplished at any time, though it is most effective within 6 months of a dental cleaning. Different methods to whiten include in-office and at-home procedures. In-office whitening is performed using ZOOM and is able to whiten up to multiple shades in only one office visit! At-home whitening includes custom made whitening trays that patients wear outside of the office, and can whiten up to multiple shades within weeks. Most patients are candidates for whitening, however, the dentist will help determine if whitening is right for you. Call and schedule an appointment with us today to find out how much brighter your smile can be!